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About The Artist:

Artist Bio:

Paul is an emerging abstract artist living in northern Illinois. he spent his childhood sketching, painting, and creating various projects for school. As Paul grew older his love for sports became the main focus, as he was passionate about both skateboarding and basketball. When high-school arrived, paul focused mainly on his studies, and his love for traditional sports. This ultimately led to his collegiate experience at the university of dayton, where he fell in love with fitness. paul worked at the university of dayton's campus recreation center, and graduated with a bachelors degree in sports management. After a successful career in the fitness industry, paul began seriously pursing the arts in 2017.

Artist Statement:

"i specialize in creating art that catches the eye. whether it be the concept, or the bright, beautiful colors, i want the viewer to stop & think. i want to evoke emotion; i want the viewer to feel something. with that being said, my art journey started with the manipulation of acrylic paints. most of my acrylic work is focused on themes of fluidity and movement. during the creation process, i often rely on the basic theories of viscosity, fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, and chaos. my goal with acrylics is to show the connection between science and art by creating thought-provoking artwork. in addition to acrylics, i also enjoy exploring other mediums of art such as interactive installations, digital design, and photography."

Artist Quote:

"constantly inspiring others to think about ideas substantially larger than themselves."